Achievement and success in life is a choice for everyone to make. The same applies to creating an online presence; the choice is yours. For business owners it could be a critical decision to take for the survival of the business.

Online presence is the act of registering one’s existence on the Internet. The global network of computers providing a variety of information and communication facilities to users.

The business online presence could take various forms; a social media account, a website, an email account and so on. It could be for personal or official use and it gives you unlimited possibilities of success. For business owners, the purpose could be to promote their businesses or sell goods and services  while for individuals, it could be an avenue to showcase their  talent, creativity, innovations as well as ideas.

An online presence is an opportunity of limitless possibilities. The possibilities are enormous, a major one being that you have instant access to the entire globe. With online presence, you have instant access to an endless supply of knowledge, information, communication and entertainment.

Using a search engine like Bing, Google and others, one can virtually ask any question and find a web page with an answer to that question. One has  the platform for real-time communication with people around the world. For example, most websites have ‘live support online “ or “ online support chat” via the internet.

For the sale of goods , services and/or products, the Internet is the perfect market place to advertise. With your company or business or products online, anyone with Internet access can find you and your business. You will have access to more people than you  could ever envisage or have with a local retail store. The Internet is always on and always available, which means you have the potential of selling goods to anyone 24/7. Online presence also gives all businesses the ability to advertise their products or services to the world or to the exact demographic they want to reach.

With the world gradually moving away from traditional ways of doing business and going online, it is no longer news that many meetings are conducted virtually with participants sometimes from different global locations. 

It is not enough to have talent and big ideas or to innovate. It is more beneficial to showcase these online for people around the world to appreciate. Many have benefited from these opportunities; becoming rich and famous as a result of taking their crafts online.

Online presence has become an imperative for most business owners that have the desire to make it big in their chosen fields.

Every online presence starts with a Domain Name (Website address, the address where Internet users can access your website). For users or clients to access any website, they need to access it with the domain name of the website. For business owners to enjoy every benefit of their online presence they must register their business domain name and possibly trademark the name. Talents, Ideas and Innovation are better presented online to the world with your domain name, it is an opportunity to promote your identity.

The process of having an online presence is very easy. With the continuous penetration of the internet, accessibility cost has gradually reduced. Some online services are offered at little or no cost. Good bargains can be found with NiRA Accredited Registrars sometimes offering free domain names and hosting with other value added services.

NiRA, the registry for .ng domain names, through her Accredited Registrars, provide avenues for everyone that is interested in registering his or her online presence with a domain name. Use the link “” to the list of the NiRA Accredited Registrars. Do  interact with Registrars and understand their service offerings to help you make the best choice for your business.

See you and your business online!

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