Welcome to 2022!

On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors and staff of NiRA, I welcome you to the new year!

The past year offered us numerous opportunities to creatively support Nigerian entrepreneurs by empowering them to take advantage of the internet economy. We rolled out several initiatives including the recently concluded .NG Promo ,to expand the adoption of our country code Top Level Domain. We are grateful for the collaboration of NiRA’s Accredited Registrars who provide acess to register .ng domains. As always, our goal was to increase awareness about the immense benefits of the .ng domain name brand and empower Nigerians to succeed in their various endeavours using the internet. NiRA also facilitated capacity development initiatives for the Accredited Registrars, individuals, and businesses through the NiRA Academy and Resource Centre. It was a busy year for us, and we hope you had a productive 2021, too!

We have entered 2022 with many plans and promises for collaboration and partnerships with Accredited Registrars, Stakeholder organizations, entrepreneurs, and so on. During the Association’s annual retreat in December 2021, we discussed innovative ways of bringing .ng domain name closer to you and as the year unfolds, we will implement the plans and consolidate on our gains from the previous year. We owe it to you, to develop and execute initiatives which empower the aspirations of Nigerians and expand the economic outcome of the country. We will commit to our mandate, and we count on your support to position Nigeria as an internet powerhouse within the continent and across the globe.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the management and staff of our parent agency, NITDA, for their unwavering support throughout last year. Special appreciation to the Director-General, NITDA, Dr. Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi, for his innovative leadership and for steering the organisation in the right direction. We look forward to more collaborations with our parent organisation this year. 

We appreciate the NiRA Board of Trustees and Members of the General Assembly for their unwavering trust in the Executive and wish everyone a great year ahead!

Thank you and do stay safe!

Muhammad Rudman.

President, NiRA

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