The NiRA Reseller Entrepreneurship Programme (REP) aims to empower entrepreneurs, in the Domain

Name Industry. There can be huge returns if the Resellers business is done right. As it is with every industry, the more

mastery gained in this business, the higher the earning power of the player.

The following steps serve as guidelines for deeper study and mastery in the Domain Name Industry:

  1. Conduct your research.

    As with every business venture, it is essential that new entrants ask pertinent questions such as what the future of the industry holds, who the buyers are and how much investment individuals and businesses are willing to make, to purchase domain names.
  2. Define your value add.

    In the business of buying and selling, customers will gravitate towards value. Defining your business approach peculiarities and the additional value you can add to the purchase of a domain name is a valuable skill. Web hosting and design are two low hanging fruits in the Domain Name Reseller Business.
  3. Get familiar with your target consumer.

    Domain names are valuable and they can redefine a business go-to-market strategy. It is essential that you position domain names properly and adequately target the end user for your .ng domain names.There are many places you can sell a domain.
  4. Advertise.

    There are many platforms that a Reseller business can advertise on. Whatever platform you pick, it is imperative to share as many benefits as possible of the business. Your business must be positioned as invaluable for anyone who plans to buy a domain name.

    Nigeria provides an extensive marketplace for numerous businesses. It is also complex. Properly positioning your .ng Reseller businesses is extremely important. The next Reseller Entrepreneurship Program is scheduled to be held in the 2nd Quarter of 2022. Please check your email for the registration link when it opens. Your business will benefit greatly from the inclusion of a.ng Reseller portfolio. 
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