Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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Graphics is an important part of web design. It is important you know and understand the graphic software you want to use for your website. This is because 99% of websites today have images, photo galleries etc. A web designer who has little or no knowledge of graphics and how to embed them in designs would end up having a stale and boring website.

There is a number of graphic software available for use like CorelDraw, Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. but our focus would be on CorelDraw and Photoshop. People often think that Photoshop and CorelDraw are the same thing or perform the same functions. We would highlight some differences between Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Needless to state that, the developers of the two solutions belong to different organisations. Adobe Photoshop was developed and is published by Adobe Systems while CorelDraw was developed and is published by Corel Corporation.

Adobe Photoshop is a raster image editor. Raster image/graphics are often called bitmap images because they are made up of millions of tiny squares called pixels. It is an array of pixels of various colors which together form an image. When you zoom on a raster image, you are able to see the square outline of each pixel.

On the other hand, CorelDraw is a vector image editor. Vector images comprises of paths or lines that are either straight or curved. A vector image will always appear smooth no matter how large you make it or how close you zoom in. This means that an image would maintain its quality no matter how much you increase or reduce its size.

CorelDraw graphics are best to represent more structured images like line art graphics, with flat, uniform colors whilst Adobe Photoshop graphics are best used for non-line art images; specifically digitized photographs, scanned artwork or detailed graphics.

The file size for a CorelDraw image is smaller than Photoshop version.

While Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw are not similar, an Adobe version for CorelDraw which is a vector image editor is known as the Adobe Illustrator while the CorelDraw version of Photoshop which is a raster image editor is known as the Corel Photo-Paint.

The expected outcome of your graphic editor should determine which product to use for your website design.  The decision on which product to use is a business decision based on the results or image you wish to project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

NiRA Annual General Meeting - 2018

Activities have kicked off, in preparation for the Annual General Assembly of our dear organization - NIRA. It will afford us the opportunity to give account of our stewardship, interact at close proximity with members and discuss issues concerning NiRA. Statutorily, the AGM must hold on or before the end of the fourth month of every year. This year, it will hold on the 27th April 2018.

Later in the evening of the same day, I will have the privilege of hosting members, stakeholders and members of the public at its 3rd .ng Awards night. The .ng Awards celebrates the achievements and innovations on the Internet as it relates to the .ng brand.

The .ng awards showcases Nigerian businesses, the private and public sectors at all levels, and individuals who have contributed to promoting and projecting Nigerian local content on the Internet.   The general public does the nominations of qualified organisations and in the selection of the winners in each category by voting for the nominees of their choice.

NIRA does not charge for the award, neither is any fee attached to any aspect of the nominations and selections. Winners of the .ng Awards in previous years have voluntarily promoted the .ng brand, and we are appreciative of the mention of NIRA and the .ng brand in their campaigns.

Please visit the NIRA website daily to monitor the updates as times goes on, especially on the details of how to participate in the .ng Awards.

At NiRA, we believe in the power of the Internet and are determined that the .ng domain name is used to positively impact on the lives of Internet users. Come join us and be part of the great crusade to project Nigeria in the cyberspace.


I remain at your service.


Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

.NG Domain Name Report as at 28th Feb. 2018

Domain Name Industry Development - Our Joint Responsibilities

I was excited in the course of the past week, to rub minds with one of the brains behind a motorcycle hailing service in Nigeria which is positioned to be the uber on two wheels. This is coming immediately after my interaction with the promoter of the domain name.

I am excited that many more entrepreneurs are making the .ng the domain of choice for launching their business into the Nigerian market. At the moment, with over 100,000 active .ng domain names, this is far below our target and we can not be comfortable with this number.

NiRA has been at the forefront of the development of the Domain Name Industry in Nigeria. We have made considerable progress in growing the numbers, as is evident from  the growth figures we see.  The need for all our Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs) to have online identity using .ng country code Top Level Domain (.ng ccTLD) for their websites, email communications and other online activities. The message is simple “.ng ccTLD your gateway to the global market”.

To the General public, registrants and all other Stakeholders, using the .ng domain name for your websites, emails and other online communications, keep helping to propagate the news about the usefulness of .ng domain names.

Let me use this medium to encourage you all to share your testimonies and experiences of using .ng Domain Name. You can always tag all our social media handles @niraworks for these testimonies and experiences.

I remain at your service.

Rev’d Sunday Folayan

President, NIRA Executive Board

Take Your Offline Business Online – Why you need a Domain Name

Some few years ago, business activities such as buying and selling were mostly carried out physically. In most parts of the World, the norm was to have business centers or Office Apartments where teeming clients could always conjugate with the Business Owners. Additionally some business owners would have telephone numbers to enhance communication with their clients. This form of business has been referred to as brick-and-mortar businesses. This form of interacting was often referred to as the traditional offline business meetings.

Today, many offline businesses have been taken online because technology has given us another seamless way of transacting. With the Internet, we now have many online and partially online businesses operating along traditional offline businesses. Being visible is an essential for thriving online businesses. Most businesses aspiring to be an international brand ensure their online presence so they can have global visibility.

Taking your business online is a business decision. It all depends on what your business aims to achieve. To take your offline business, online:

  1. You require a Domain Name. Just as it is important to register the business at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, you also need to register your business domain name. This domain name representing your online identity, will host your custom email address, and is your business website address.

    Take for example, Max is on a mission to fix Africa’s notorious last-mile delivery and online-retail problems by using mobile and web platforms to connect consumers, retail businesses and independent drivers in real-time. They are eliminating all logistics and technology barriers that have historically prevented retail businesses in Africa from realizing their full potentials.

    To register a domain name, contact a NiRA Accredited Registrar. For .ng domain registration, NiRA the registry for .ng ccTLD has over 63 Accredited Registrars that can be reached via this link:

  2. The second important thing to consider when you decide to take your business online is webhosting. This is renting a web space online to host your website, emails and your other web file. These web hosting services is being offered by web hosting service providers and most of the NiRA Accredited Registrars bundle the service with domain registrations.

 Benefits of Expanding an Offline Business Online

With your online business, there is more access to new and prospective customers. Shopping online is extremely convenient as long as you operate according to rules. Most people in the Nigeria now prefer to shop online because of the convenience associated with online shopping.

With online business, you make available the variety of your goods/produces to a wide variety of audience. This gives shoppers the opportunity to quickly peruse all products in stock.

Potential clients are well informed of the products in stock before stepping out.


Depending on the nature of your business, it is pertinent to keep your offline brand alive and well. If your offline business is thriving, treat your online expansion as an additional component of the business rather than a replacement.