NiRA’s Impact on MSMEs at Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs Annual Gathering 2023

NiRA took an active and engaging role at the ISN Hubs Annual Gathering 2023, where we interacted with entrepreneurs and emerging startups. Our primary goal was to create awareness and foster engagement regarding the adoption of the .ng domain. We emphasized how it is a powerful catalyst for enhancing online presence and brand visibility.

For the dynamic world of Medium and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) and startups in Nigeria, our collective mission is to ensure they are well-equipped with the essential resources and knowledge. Our aim is not just for them to thrive but also to make significant contributions to the Nigerian digital landscape. Central to this endeavour is the .ng domain, a key player in establishing a strong online presence and effectively connecting with its target audience.

This is a strategic move that not only amplifies visibility for online brands but also establishes a direct connection with their intended customers.

During the event, Mrs. Chioma Keke, Head of Business Development, shared valuable insights with entrepreneurs and founders. She emphasized how owning a .ng domain contributes to the growth of the Nigerian digital ecosystem.

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