Accredited Registrars Forum: Driving the Future of the .ng Domain

On May 30th, 2024, NiRA held its Online Accredited Registrars Forum, a pivotal event that brought together our valued accredited registrars who are partners and play an essential role in the success of the .ng domain. These accredited registrars are the crucial link between the registry and the registrants, ensuring the seamless adoption registration and web hosting of .ng domains across Nigeria and beyond.

The President began his opening remarks by expressing heartfelt appreciation to the accredited registrars for their unwavering support and diligent efforts in driving the adoption of the .ng domain. He highlighted the importance of their work and acknowledged the significant progress made so far in expanding the reach and impact of the .ng domain.

At NiRA, we understand that the success of our domain depends heavily on the feedback and cooperation of our registrars. We are committed to ensuring that our registrars know they are heard and their concerns are addressed promptly. Our goal is to maintain a profitable and unified relationship that not only benefits our partners but also contributes significantly to the growth of the Nigerian internet ecosystem.

NiRA remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering positive relationships with our accredited registrars. Our network spans across Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Benin, Senegal, Germany, London, Bulgaria, the US, and Hong Kong. These partnerships are instrumental in building a robust support system for the .ng domain, ensuring that it remains a trusted and reliable choice for businesses and individuals alike.

A key highlight of the forum was the discussion on the importance of local hosting. Registrars were encouraged to explore local hosting options, a practice that NiRA itself adheres to by using Digital Realty. The benefits of local hosting are substantial, including enhanced performance, reduced latency, and compliance with data sovereignty requirements. Local hosting ensures faster load times, seamless user experiences, and increased competitiveness for Nigerian businesses.

NiRA and its registrars are aligned in their vision to drive the growth of the DNS industry. By leveraging local hosting solutions and building strong, collaborative relationships, we aim to shape the future of hosting in Nigeria. This collective effort will not only enhance the .ng domain’s prominence but also contribute to the overall development of Nigeria’s digital landscape.

The Registrar Relationship Manager also spoke on how the registry is innovating their collaboration with the registrars to fuel the success of the accredited registrars and the registry.

The Online Accredited Registrars Forum was a significant step forward in reinforcing our commitment to our partners and the .ng domain. By addressing core issues, fostering strong relationships, and exploring innovative solutions like local hosting, NiRA is dedicated to building a brighter, more connected future for the Nigerian internet community.

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