President Message from NiRA Secretariat

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter. I am excited to share with you some updates about our efforts to promote the use of the .ng domain, as well as other important developments in the digital landscape.

As you may already know, one of our primary goals is to increase the adoption of the .ng domain among businesses targeting the Nigerian market. We have been working tirelessly to achieve this goal through various awareness campaigns and partnerships with relevant organizations. 

The .ng domain is an excellent choice for any business seeking to establish a robust online presence in Nigeria. With the .ng domain, you can build credibility and trust with your target audience, as it signifies that your business is Nigerian and operates within the country. We encourage all businesses targeting the Nigerian market to consider using the .ng domain for their online presence.

At NiRA, we are committed to protecting the privacy of data subjects who interact with us. In pursuant to this, we have upgraded our data privacy policy as regards registrars, registrants, and members. Our updated policy is in compliance with global data privacy regulations, and it provides a clear framework for handling personal data. We enjoin you to read our website for more information about our updated policy.

In the previous newsletter, I highlighted the introduction of Starlink satellite internet to drive internet connectivity in Africa. Starlink’s recent launch in Nigeria marks its first foray into the African market, and it is a significant step towards driving internet accessibility in the continent. While this development is exciting, the cost of installation and subscription also presents challenges which could hinder the possibilities of increasing internet connectivity in Africa. Nonetheless, we believe that the benefits of Starlink will outweigh the costs.

ICANN76, a significant event for the global internet community, was held earlier this month in Cancun, Mexico, and we are delighted to have represented the .ng domain at the event. As active members of the industry, we recognize the value of staying informed about the latest developments and trends. You can catch highlights from the event on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

In conclusion, we want to reassure you that NiRA remains committed to promoting the growth and development of the digital ecosystem in Nigeria. We will continue to work towards increasing the adoption of the .ng domain and other initiatives that support this goal.

Thank you for your continued support and be safe.

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