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Dear valued readers, as I mentioned during our recently concluded Accredited Registrars Forum, Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) remains dedicated to building strong technical and administrative structures which cater to the needs of our Accredited Registrars. At the core of our service, our focus is on the millions of businesses and individuals in Nigerian cyberspace. We have resolved to intensify our efforts in promoting constructive discussions to improve the uptake of the .ng domain name extension while developing strategies for its wider adoption within the country. I am grateful to the stakeholders who participated in the Forum and contributed invaluable insights to the resolutions that were put forth.

Additionally, I would like to highlight the recent sensitization webinar which is part of a series organized by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in collaboration with stakeholders of the National Second-Level Domain Policy. The series provides stakeholders with valuable insights into the significance of the .ng domain brand and its implications for our online identity. We take great pride in being part of the team spearheading this initiative, raising awareness, and promoting the adoption of the .ng domain across various sectors.

In a significant collaboration, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) signed an MOU earlier this year for a capacity training program for senior officials of the Commission, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Following this, the .NG Academy team will be in Abuja from July 25th-27th 2023 to commence the training program where participants will delve into essential topics such as the Domain Name System (DNS) and cybersecurity, acquiring practical expertise through lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises.

Furthermore, I am pleased to share that NiRA will be participating in the 9th edition of the ICTEL Expo organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This expo presents an excellent opportunity for NiRA to engage with the business community and emphasize the importance of owning a .ng domain name. We will showcase the extensive possibilities it offers, empowering businesses and individuals to establish their online presence, connect with their target audience, and enhance brand visibility. NiRA Accredited Registrars will also be accompanying NiRA to the event such that interested persons can obtain their .ng domain onsite.

We firmly believe that collaboration and synergy with stakeholders are vital for the thriving growth of our organization. Together, we can shape the future of Nigeria’s digital landscape and ensure a secure and reliable internet infrastructure for all.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting initiatives as we tirelessly work to promote the .ng domain, empower businesses, and strengthen the DNS community. We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support and commitment to the growth of the .ng domain brand and the Nigerian internet ecosystem.

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