Stakeholder Sensitization on the National Policy for Second-Level .NG Domain

national policy on second level domains

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in partnership with stakeholders of the second-level domain policy, hosted the 4th Sensitisation and Capacity Building Webinar on the National Policy on Second-Level Domains which is part of a series on Thursday, July 13th 2023. The stakeholders present include; Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), Galaxy Backbone, Nigeria Data Protection Commission, and the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. This engaging session shed light on the significance of the .ng domain as the authentic Nigerian online identity, particularly for government, state government institutions, and organizations.

The webinar aimed to educate stakeholders about the potential and benefits of adopting the second-level .ng domain. By leveraging the .ng domain, government entities and organizations can strengthen their online credibility and reinforce their Nigerian identity.

The session focused on the various second-level domains available for government institutions and organizations under the .ng domain, such as,, Participants gained insights into how these domain extensions cater to specific sectors and help in building sector-specific online communities. The webinar highlighted the practical steps and guidelines for organizations to adopt and utilize these domains effectively. Furthermore, the event emphasized the role of the National Policy on Second-Level Domain in guiding government organizations and institutions on the use of second-level domains. Stakeholders were informed about the policy’s provisions, including eligibility criteria, registration processes, and compliance requirements.

The webinar facilitated interactive discussions, allowing participants to share experiences, ask questions, and seek clarifications on various aspects of the second-level .ng domain and its implementation. Experts from NITDA, NiRA, and Galaxy Backbone provided valuable insights and best practices to support the adoption and utilization of the .ng domain by government institutions and organizations.

The 4th Sensitisation and Capacity Building Webinar on National Policy on Second Level Domain ( proved to be a crucial platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and awareness-building. It empowered stakeholders with the necessary information and tools to leverage the .ng domain effectively, enhancing their online presence and contributing to Nigeria’s digital transformation journey.

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