Unlocking Digital Innovation: NiRA’s Collaborative Meeting with Sokoto State Commissioner for Communications and Digital Economy

At the NiRA Secretariat in Lagos State, a significant collaboration meeting took place with representatives from the Sokoto State government, led by the Honorable Bashar U. Kwabo, the Commissioner of Innovation and Digital Economy. During this meeting, the Sokoto State government acknowledged NiRA’s pivotal role in propelling technological development, contributing significantly to the state’s economic growth.

As part of the Lagos Tech Ecosystem Tour by the Sokoto State Commissioner of Innovation and Digital Economy, this visit showcased NiRA’s contribution to digital innovation in Nigeria. Present at the meeting were key NiRA team members, including the President, Mr. Adesola Akinsola; Chief Operating Officer; Mrs. Eyitayo Iyortim; Head of Technical Services; Mr. Habeeb Wahab; Dean of the .NG Academy; Ms. Joy Lawal, and Head of Corporate Services; Mrs. Busayo Balogun.

The NiRA President, in his welcome address to the Sokoto team, emphasized NiRA’s fundamental role in shaping Nigeria’s digital landscape. The discussions revolved around potential collaborations and the available opportunities.

One crucial topic was the adoption of the .gov.ng domain for Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to ensure compliance with federal regulations governing second-level domain use by federal government organizations and parastatals. This highlights NiRA’s commitment to governance and adherence to digital regulatory framework.

NiRA’s Head of Technical Services offered key insights into the inner workings of the registry, focusing on the technical team’s role in approving registrations and supporting registrants with .gov.ng domains.

The Sokoto State Commissioner of Innovation and Digital Economy explored the possibility of the state becoming a registrar. The process could simplify .ng domain adoption and improve the experience for registrants in the state.

The Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Eyitayo Iyortim, underscored the significance of government agencies having in-house technical support to efficiently manage.gov.ng domains. Her insights emphasized the need for a robust technical framework for governmental entities to use the .gov.ng domain effectively.

The President reiterated the urgency of capacity building in the state to equip government officials with essential technical knowledge. The emphasis on preparing government personnel for a tech-savvy role is essential for driving technology adoption in Sokoto State effectively.

The collaborative efforts between NiRA and Sokoto State signify a substantial stride in advancing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the region. The meeting emphasized the commitment to drive digital innovation, elevate compliance with digital regulations, and enhance the technical capabilities of government officials as regards the Domain Name System (DNS) industry.

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