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Taking Charge of Your Data: Insights from .ng Data Privacy Week 2024

In the fast-paced digital age, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, safeguarding data privacy has never been more crucial. As we commemorated Data Privacy Week 2024, our primary objective was to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools … Read More

national policy on second level domains

Stakeholder Sensitization on the National Policy for Second-Level .NG Domain

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in partnership with stakeholders of the second-level domain policy, hosted the 4th Sensitisation and Capacity Building Webinar on the National Policy on Second-Level Domains which is part of a series on Thursday, July … Read More

Empowering Digital Innovation: The Importance of Inclusive Mobile Technology Accessibility in Nigeria and Africa

In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, mobile technology plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of societies. However, it is crucial to recognize that digital innovation can only be achieved when mobile technology is inclusive and … Read More

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