NiRA Receives the Most Valuable Partner Award by NACOS

Technology is a key factor in the progress and advancement of developing nations and NiRA, the top-level-domain (TLD) registry for .ng, has been dedicated to driving growth in Nigeria’s digital ecosystem. The team at Nigeria Internet Registry Association (NiRA) was recently honoured with a visit from the Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS), led by its student president, Chihurumnanya Nwanevu at the Lagos secretariat this month. NACOS was there to express their gratitude for NiRA’s support as a top and valuable partner in their endeavors.

The COO, Eyitayo Iyortim, took the opportunity to share NiRA’s mission of empowering young students in the field of technology and computing. By facilitating access to resources and support, NiRA aims to create more opportunities for Nigerians in the digital industry. With a strong focus on promoting the importance of digital identity, NiRA is dedicated to shaping a brighter future for Nigeria’s digital ecosystem.

At NiRA, we believe in the power of technology to drive progress and are committed to supporting young tech talents in their journey towards a thriving digital future. 

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