NiRA Takes Action: Implementing Policy on Second-Level Domains (SLDs) for a Thriving Digital Future

The .ng ccTLD is the online identity of Nigeria on the Internet. It also has second-level domains which are industry-specific names like,, and The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) manages the .ng domain and its digital assets. Second-level domains allow businesses, individuals, and organizations to describe their online identities using relevant domain extensions.

President Buhari unveiled the National Policy on Nigeria Government Second-Level Domains, which mandates that all government officials must refrain from using private emails for official purposes. This policy also states Federal Public Institutions (FPIs) must migrate their websites to the relevant government domains. As it is crucial for government institutions that operate in Nigeria to use the appropriate second-level domain.

This policy targets institutions and organizations that must use,,, and domains. The policy aims to ensure that these institutions are regulated according to guidelines and operations in the country, promoting accountability and recognition online by Nigerians. This ensures that the data of government institutions is secure and hosted within data centres within Nigeria’s borders, fostering growth in the digital economy.

The implementation of the policy is being carried out by NiRA in collaboration with National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). They have commenced strategy meetings through webinars with key stakeholders to ensure the successful adoption of these domains by the federal and state government institutions, schools, universities, and the military. There will also be awareness campaigns, sensitization committees, and training programs to educate individuals on the policy’s implementation process. You can learn more from our recent second-level domain webinar

In conclusion, the National Policy on Nigeria Government Second-Level Domains is a significant step towards making government institutions and organizations in Nigeria more recognizable online by Nigerians. The policy promotes accountability, data security, and growth in the digital economy within Nigeria. NiRA is committed to collaborating with NITDA and other stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of this policy. We encourage all relevant institutions to comply with this policy and migrate their websites and emails to the appropriate second-level domains. 

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