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President’s Speech; NiRA’s Role in Driving the Digital Economy

Dear valued readers, at the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, our paramount objective is to drive Nigeria’s digital economy forward. Our commitment is vividly demonstrated through our strategic alliances with key players in the digital arena. As part of our vision, … Read More

A President’s Insight on Driving Innovation for a Thriving Digital Economy

Dear valued readers, I am delighted to connect with you once again through this edition of our newsletter. It gives me great pleasure to share my thoughts and updates with all of you. Last month, I expressed my hopes for … Read More

NiRA Takes Action: Implementing Policy on Second-Level Domains (SLDs) for a Thriving Digital Future

The .ng ccTLD is the online identity of Nigeria on the Internet. It also has second-level domains which are industry-specific names like,, and The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) manages the .ng domain and its digital assets. … Read More