NiRA’s Commitment to Advancing Nigeria’s Digital Space: Highlights from ICANN 80 and Other Key Initiatives

Dear Valued Readers,

As we continue to advance the digital landscape and fortify our position within the African domain name industry, I am thrilled to share some recent milestones and upcoming initiatives that underscore our commitment to innovation, security, and growth.

ICANN 80 Participation

Our active participation at ICANN 80 was a testament to our dedication to shaping the future of the internet. The insights gained and connections made at this pivotal event will undoubtedly drive our strategic initiatives forward. Nigeria’s ranking as second in the African domain name industry, as reported by the Coalition for Digital Africa, is a significant achievement. This ranking highlights our collective efforts and the robust growth of the .ng domain, reflecting our nation’s increasing digital footprint.

Stakeholders in the Nigerian Digital Ecosystem

As stakeholders of the Nigerian digital ecosystem and key drivers of our internet space, we always ensure we are part of discussions and initiatives that contribute to our digital landscape. Our participation in the Nigeria Digital Sense Forum, which focused on leveraging the internet for a safer civic space, is one such example. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to IT Realms and Mr. Remmy Nweke on the success of the 15th edition of the Digital Sense Forum.

We are also honored to recognize individuals who have served and are currently serving NiRA in the capacity of the Board of Trustees or Executive Board of Directors. Their unwavering dedication and contributions have been instrumental in driving our mission forward.

Contributions to the Nigerian Digital Space

NiRA’s contributions to the Nigerian digital space are vast and impactful. Our involvement in events that foster innovative solutions, such as the Climate Action Africa Forum 2024, underscores our commitment to addressing global challenges through digital innovation. These engagements not only elevate NiRA’s profile but also position Nigeria as a leader in the African digital ecosystem.

Exciting Projects on the Horizon

We have some exciting projects in the pipeline which are aimed at driving the adoption of the .ng domain. These initiatives are designed to enhance our digital presence and provide greater value to our community. I encourage all stakeholders to stay tuned for announcements and opportunities to participate in these transformative projects.

In conclusion, our journey is one of collective effort and shared vision. Together, we are shaping the future of the Nigerian digital landscape, ensuring that our nation remains at the forefront of digital innovation and security.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

Adesola Akinsanya

President, NiRA

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