I welcome you to the second quarter in what has been an eventful year so far.  We at NiRA have kept the momentum going since the beginning of the year, working tirelessly to contribute as much as we can to improving Nigeria’s digital landscape. Dear readers, I hope the new quarter is off to a good start for you all.

We congratulate Nigeria’s Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Ali Pantami, and Dr. Vincent Olatunji on the successful launch of the Nigerian Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) on April 5, 2022. It was a momentous occasion that demonstrated this administration’s unwavering commitment to transforming Nigerian cyberspace and making it safer and more secure for all. The NDPB is a manifestation of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation, which aims to protect Nigerians’ data privacy rights in business and personal exchanges. Nigerians now have an authority that enforces data management rules and regulations in the country, thanks to the establishment of the NDPB. This is a game-changing step in the right direction, and when the NIN is linked to Sims, it becomes even clearer that data protection is being standardised.

NiRA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to hold on April 28, 2022. The AGM is our annual company gathering where we review our accomplishments in the past year and set expectations for the coming business year. As always, enhancing the experience of internet users in Nigeria and making the internet more productive for organisations and individuals will top our agenda at this year’s AGM.

Our Award Ceremony, scheduled for April 29, 2022, where we will recognize and honour entrepreneurs and businesses that promote online identity and contribute to our national economy. Across the 18 award categories, we received over 23,000 votes. We look forward to recognizing the winners on stage, as well as organizations and individuals who are making an impact in various areas of our existence through the Presidential Awards Categories.

I will be having scheduled Ask Me Anything (AMA) media sessions to increase awareness about NiRA’s work and the plans we have in place to make the .ng domains available to all Nigerians and their businesses. Please watch out for the sessions in the media. We will also share updates as we progress.

April is a special month full of religious celebrations. I wish the entire Muslim faithful joy and health during the month of Ramadan. May the Almighty Allah accept our good deeds and supplications in His infinite mercy. Similarly, I congratulate our Christian brothers and sisters on yet another joyful Easter celebration. May we always have reasons to rejoice.

I wish you all the best in the coming months. Please stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Muhammed Rudman

President, NiRA.

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