In an exciting collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the University of Lagos, .NG Academy has officially commenced its comprehensive training program for undergraduates. The initiative aims to empower eighty 300 and 400-level students with essential data science skills, providing them with a competitive advantage in today’s tech-driven world.

The five-week training program, scheduled to take place every Wednesday from the 22nd November 2023, seeks to equip participants with a robust foundation in data science, enabling them to seamlessly integrate technological expertise into their academic and professional pursuits. This strategic collaboration reflects .NG Academy’s commitment to fostering skill development among university students and promoting the integration of technology into education.

The kick-off event marked the beginning of an engaging and insightful journey for the participating students, who will undergo rigorous training sessions designed to enhance their understanding of data science principles and applications. As the program unfolds, .NG Academy remains dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech-savvy professionals, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

In a broader context, the initiative reflects the .NG Academy’s dedication to fostering a sustainable digital economy in Africa. As more individuals gain proficiency in digital skills, the ripple effect on the continent’s economic landscape is anticipated to be substantial.  

Overall, this collaborative training venture exemplifies the .NG Academy’s proactive approach to addressing the digital skills gap and contributing meaningfully to the continent’s technological advancement. It is proof of the academy’s mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the evolving digital era, ultimately playing a part in shaping a more sustainable and robust digital economy in Africa.

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