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Afrinics IPv6 and INRM training workshop

Afrinics IPv6 and INRM training workshop hosted by NiRA, ATCON and University of Ibadan. #Afrinic and #Afrinictraining.

Kindly see the link to the training slides: http://learn.afrinic.net/en/


NiRA would communicate the next date for its upcoming training. 

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  1. Registrars Technical Training (Past)
  2. Registrars Technical Training (Past)

Registrars Technical Training (Past)

As part of NiRA’s efforts to be the leading  ccTLD, all hands are now on deck to accredit more Registrars. The mandatory training for the newly Accredited Registrars has been scheduled for Monday 31st August and Tuesday 1st of September 2015. Other Accredited Registrars had also been contacted to attend this training, which would provide useful insights into the global trends in the DNS Industry.

We are also using this opportunity to invite all our Accredited Registrars to this Training. We expect at least two staff (One Technical and the other Administrative from each organization) to attend this training. We will discuss the NiRA Policies, speak on trending issues on what to propose for inclusion in the policy documents, and best practices. In addition,  we have invited two insurance companies who would shed more light on the process of obtaining Performance Bonds for Registrars in the DNS Industry. It promises to be very interesting!

For more information please contact

Email: admin@nira.org.ng

Phone: +234(0)8172004272